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Making the Marriages Heavenly, Vishwavedika is a sub-wing of Vishwakarma Community Foundation, for a license under section-8 of the Companies Act, 2013. It provides matrimonial services to the eligible members for ideal matchmaking. We are delighted and proud to announce that we played a prominent role in more than 2,500 marriages belonging to Vishwakarma community through our online platform, like website (www.vishwavedika.net) and other messenger apps (WhatsApp & Telegram) managed and run by our Vishwakarma Community Foundation team for better match making and maximum reach out to community. More than 10,000 profiles are being exchanged through messenger apps (WhatsApp & Telegram) and leading to many happy marriages. We create safe and secure platforms for families belonging to Vishwakarma community to look for the suitable and preferable matches.

100% Trustworthy

Knowing you can trust your partner (Vishwakarma Community Foundation) promotes increased closeness and safety (Integrity, honesty, reliability and loyalty).

Higher Authentaction

Our website enables Higher Authentication to the members to keep their data secure by permitting only registered and authenticated users or processes to gain access to their protected resources.

Better Search & Matches

Provides suitable profiles for all age groups to find their ideal match.

Explore & Connect

Allows you to be more precise about the match, Particularly Education, Job, Horoscope and Family details of the Profile.

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Vishwavedika is making history by creating more.

meaningful connections that lead to fulfilling marriages