About Us


(A Voluntary Organization for Vishwakarma’s Welfare)


With a concrete purpose of establishing a foundation that puts much emphasis on the future of the Vishwakarma community worldwide, our foundation has a clear guideline on how you can access information through our website (https://viratvishwakarma.org/). If you are looking for Vishwakarma community information, you do not have to look elsewhere. Vishwakarma Community Foundation is the place to suit your needs. This foundation focuses on assisting its community to obtain the necessary skills required to compete favourably in this competitive world.


More About us


Vishwakarma Community Foundation, founded in 2010 by the renewed members of the Vishwakarma community, has the responsibility of rejuvenating the Vishwakarma community with well-planned activities and programmed interventions. We have been serving with a collective effort of this community. Therefore, we are adding new activities every year. These activities help community members in the best possible way, and we try to improve with a detailed consultative process to ensure optimal service to all concerned.



Adluri Ravindra Chari [24-09-1960], is the founder president of ‘Vishwakarma Community Foundation’. With an illustrious career both in civil engineering, spiritual and social cause, he has contributed in volumes to the Vishwakarma community in particular and to the entire society in general.


Message from the President of the Vishwakarma Foundation


On behalf of the Vishwakarma Community Foundation, we are pleased to welcome all the visitors coming to our website. Along with many other like-minded community members, we have come together to serve this organization.


The members have joined together from Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, some other Indian states, and worldwide. The community members have joined together to serve the backward and underprivileged classes of our society, particularly the Vishwakarma community. Vishwakarma Community Foundation has focused on activities at various levels. We are thankful to all of you who supported the Vishwakarma Community Foundation. We sincerely appreciate the effort of every person involved in the service of the community. We especially welcome the new members who have joined us recently. To ensure the community's great success, we welcome all of you to join the Vishwakarma Community Foundation. We appeal to all of you to contact us personally to share your contributions, suggestions, and feedback about our organization's mission, vision, and direction.


Goals, Objectives & Tenets


Our work aims to break the vicious cycle of poverty and social isolation and to restore hope for a better future. We believe that each and every Vishwakarma community member has an equitable right to access resources and opportunities in order to live and develop with dignity and to become an active and contributing member of our society.


The main objectives undertaken by the Vishwakarma Community Foundation are as follows.


1. To work for the upgradation of traditional skills through institutional training and to make the Traditional artisans, particularly who were born in the Vishwakarma Community competent enough to compete in the global market adding new tools to their inherent talents.

2. To work for rehabilitation of traditional Vishwakarma artisans, to develop basic infrastructure, raw material and so on at subsidized prices and to improve the marketing facilities so as to boost the production and living standards.

3. To motivate and arrange facilities for higher education for the children of Vishwakarma artisans to make them equally competitive with others. To establish information and data banks, help desks and so on for social, political and economic upgradation of Vishwakarma artisans.

4. To organize periodic seminars, workshops and conventions to motivate until the Vishwakarma artisan groups throughout the Global and to forge a Global Artisan collaboration so as to gain access to the international organizations.

5. To work for women empowerment among the Vishwakarma artisans in all spheres of life and provide equal status on par with men.

6. To work towards regaining our identity in the society and to reflect upon our culture and traditions.

7. To create a single go to database of the community from around the globe.

8. To preserve our literature and hereditary importance.

9. To work for providing a better platform for matrimonial service.

Activities of the Foundation


1. Community Centres

We establish community centres in the Vishwakarma community's temple premises or any suitable places in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and other parts of INDIA as well as worldwide to carve a unique identity. These community centres will open up avenues of social gathering, and it will also enrich the cultural heritage of our community.


2. Educational Activities

We improve the Vishwakarma community's educational level by assisting them in reaching at the helm of affairs in the modern professions to get sufficient recognition in their chosen fields. It encompasses activities like establishing world-class educational institutes and hostels. The hostels have an emphasis on the necessary facilities intending to create a home away from homes.


3. Affordable Healthcare

We provide affordable healthcare facilities to all the community members by creating facilities tuned to the weaker sections like women, children and senior citizens that ensures their health security.


4. To provide Shelter

We work towards providing the shelter to needy community members like the poor, aged or orphans. They have a right to live a better quality of life and we are by their side in the hour of need.


5. Financial Assistance to the needy

Some needy people want to sustain their livelihood or pursue their goals. They are community members who may be students, widows, orphans or abandoned older people. We assist them financially as well as in kind.


6. Matrimonial services

We also provide matrimonial services to the eligible members for ideal matchmaking e.g. wedding plan, matching the horoscopes etc., and this our major service provided by Vishwakarma Community Foundation under the name of ‘vishwavedika’.


7. Women Empowerment

We help needy women members of the Vishwakarma community pursue higher education, self-employment and entrepreneurship goals.


8. Share the Divine Knowledge

We conduct special training programs to share the knowledge regarding the history and culture of the Vishwakarma’s. It also includes the divine understanding of “Vishwakarma Tathwam” and “Vishwakarma Sahityam”.



Vishwavedika (www.vishwavedika.net) is a sub-wing of Vishwakarma Community Foundation, it provides matrimonial services to the eligible members for ideal matchmaking (for example, wedding plan, matching the horoscopes and so on).


Making the Marriages Heavenly


We are delighted and proud to announce that we played a prominent role in more than 2,500 marriages belonging to Vishwakarma community through the online platform of www.vishwavedika.net. Through several online messenger apps managed and run by Vishwavedika, more than 30,000 profiles are being exchanged and leading to many happy marriages. We create safe and secure platforms for several families belonging to Vishwakarma community to look for the suitable and preferable matches. Not just that, we also ensure that the marriages are organized and arranged without even a slight hiccup whatsoever, right from catering to photos and purohits’ etc.