Refund Policy

Refund and Assignment

A. The payments made by any VV ( member to VCF (Vishwakarma Community Foundation) by way of membership / renewal fee / auto renewal are treated as non-refundable.

B. VV member shall not assign or transfer your VV membership to any other person or entity, and such an act shall be treated as violation of terms and conditions and VV shall retain their right under clause 2 (b) of this terms and conditions.

C. Payment once made for VV services cannot be assigned to any person/party or adjusted towards any other product or packages provided by the Company.

D. Please visit “Terms and Conditions” page to know more.


A. We automatically renew all paid Memberships before the expiry of the term of the paid Membership. You agree that your account will be subject to this automatic renewal feature.

B. When you first subscribe for your paid Membership, you acknowledge that when your paid Membership expires it will automatically renew for the duration and at the last paid price.

C. The maximum tenure of any packages will be 3 to 12 months. Every VV packages post validity period (varies from package to package), shall be renewed.

D. If you do not want your paid membership to automatically renew, you must cancel your paid membership. In case you have to mail for cancellation, mail to

E. VV Member shall renew the paid membership by their own, within 30days of the expiry. In case of automatically renew option not opted.